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Mr. Mathews is a really fantastic teacher. He is incredibly patient.
- Jack Brown    

I've been taking lessons from Wayne for about 6 years now and he has not only taught me how to be a better guitar player, but also a good musician.
He taught me about different styles of music including jazz and classical. Wayne also taught me how to read notes as well as TAB. Learning a variety of different styles was very helpful in becoming a better guitar player.

Cole West

I can't recommend Wayne strongly enough for music lessons. I came to Wayne as the dictionary definition of a beginner, and not to mention I do not have any natural music ability in my body. I came to him wanting to play guitar so I could play Pearl Jam songs. Well, here I am many years later and I can play over 30 PJ songs and counting. Not to mention many tunes from other classic bands I love. I owe it all to Wayne. He made guitar fun to play. His greatest strength is his versatility. He will teach in a manner that you want to learn guitar. I am a basement guy who loves to play along to the disc while it is playing. That is all I want to do and he tailored my lessons to accomplish that. Thank you Wayne!!!

I've been taking lessons from Wayne for a while now, and he's seriously fantastic. He taught me how to play, and now that I know more I've started learning music from almost every genre, including a bunch of songs from my favorite bands (and introduced me to other great bands like them!). I really enjoy taking lessons from him, and strongly recommend you do the same.

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